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Connor Ct, Kings Mountain 28086, North Carolina

(205) 527-4440
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We capture professional aerial videos or photos using remote controlled aircraft. The aircraft we use contain state of the art technology and are the best out there. We have the unique capability of flying from altitudes inches above the ground up to 400ft. We have the capability of flying in the night or daytime and our aircraft is equipped with extremely bright navigation lights. Our camera has the capability of shooting ultra-high resolution at 2.7k at 30FPS as well as 1080p at 60FPS or 720p at 120FPS. It can shoot WIDE, MEDIUM, or NARROW fields of view. It can capture 12MP Photos as well. We also stream the video live back to our ground station (where we are standing while flying) so that we can see realtime what we are filming, making sure we capture exactly what you want. We can fly anywhere from the tip of High-rise buildings downtown to inches above a creek in the wilderness.




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